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Homemade from scratch, combination of nuts, dried fruits and seeds, complemented with strawberries, blueberries, star fruits, jam and Greek yogurt
Fresh and healthy combination of pineapple, dragon fruit, banana, strawberries and blueberries, complemented with hibiscus honey and caramelized sunflower seeds
Go ahead and enjoy our combination of sweet and savory seasonal breads complemented with cape gooseberry jam and artisan butter as an appetizer or accompaniment.
Taste our delicious waffle with the special recipe of the house based on cassava starch topped with poached egg, smoked trout, avocado. and cream cheese.
Casserole of fried eggs, pieces of ripe plantain, coastal cheese, sour cream, asparagus and mixture leaves
Fresh chocolate brioche bread, dipped in our special recipe, breaded in granola, seasonal fruits, salted caramel sauce and cream cheese (Smoked bacon garnish)



Come and enjoy our signature corn pancakes, accompanied by pork sausage, blueberry butter, and topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries
Delicious brioche bread stuffed with smoked pork loin, mozzarella cheese, with poached eggs with cheese sauce, mustard and tarragon, topped with avocado, asparagus and cherry tomatoes
Fried eggs on corn tortilla in mirror, salsa verde and chipotle sauce, avocado and roasted tomatoes, black beans, cream of cheese and nachos
Our version of the warm: artisanal sausage, smoked bacon, marinated pork, rice, beans, ripe beans, fried egg and avocado (scented with cilantro)
Daily baked croissant, caramelized bacon, roasted tomatoes, aguacatico, cheddar cheese, and creamy scrambled eggs with potato hashbrown
2 toasts of sourdough bread without additives, one with guacamole and tempura mushrooms and the second with chickpea hummus and red cole sauerkraut, pickled onion and roasted tomatoes

Fried eggs


Scrambled eggs


Poached egg


Traditional method of cooking two units of poached eggs



Piece of bread of French origin, accompanied by house sauce and artisanal butter

Honey Granola


Taste our house granola, an exquisite combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruits





Yucca Waffle Bread


Taste delicious waffle as a side dish with our special hibiscus flower honey recipe





Bread sour


Two slices of long-fermented sourdough bread free of additives accompanied by artisanal butter.



Artisanal smoked trout with oak bark

Roasted tomato




American-style fried potato croquette, accompanied by ketchup sauce

Fresh fruit


Fresh and healthy option combination of pitaya, strawberries, banana and blueberries from Gota with our lavender flower honey

Cubes of fried coastal cheese


Floured and fried cubes of coastal cheese

Greek yogurt


Of Greek origin and with a high concentration of water-soluble vitamins of group b and group a, enjoy this delicious and healthy lactic delicacy

Cream cheese


Homemade product, combination of coastal cheese, cream cheese and our secret touch





With white fish tempura, coleslaw, salsa verde, pickled onion and coriander sprouts.
With avocado, pickled onion, cilantro and roasted pineapple.
with guacamole, humus and homemade sauerkraut.
with guacamole and homemade sauerkraut.
seasonal fish breaded in panko, with pineapple, cucumber, white onion and avocado, with sauce chili and mandarin lemon.
3 corn meal arepas filled with chicken, stir-fry sauce, avocado, smoked bacon, cream cheese, spiced ground meat, pickled onions and arugula.
Seasonal colombian chips
with jamaican flower syrup and homemade aioli.
greens, bacon pieces, roasted peaches, kale pesto, cherry tomatoes and beaked bread.
with potato wedges and homemade double-cooked, french potatoes, cochinita pibil, sour cream, guacamole, chives and coriander with yucca chips.
fried chicharrón, fried arepa, avocado, carambolo, red onion and cherry tomato. Finished with tajine and leche de tigre with yellow pepper, lemongrass and mandarin lemon.
fried chicharrón, fried arepa, avocado, carambolo, red onion and cherry tomato. Finished with tajine and leche de tigre with yellow pepper, lemongrass and mandarin lemon.
our statement on hot dogs with several toppings to choose; cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole, french fries and our home style sauce.
Nachos molotov
Repeat beef chilli, cheese mix, avocado, pickled onions, fresh radish and our home made cream cheese.

Vegetarian baos


tempura mushrooms, soy syrup, mayo syracha, pickled cabbage, peanuts, avocado and sweet potato chips.

Pork baos


soy syrup, fresh cucumber, carrots and sweet potato chips.
basket with empanadas, arepa de huevo, fried chicken pastry.


Enjoy our delicious roasted tomato cream garnished with fried coastal cheese and accompanied by sourdough bread
Rack of ribs in the best saint lois style braised and bathed in special house barbicue sauce, accompanied by sweet corn on the cob and French potatoes
truffle mushroom butter and grilled mix vegetables and sweet pototoe puree.
crumb tuna with sesami seeds, soy and lemon sauce, grilled vegetables and sweet potatoe puree.
smash burger style, seasoned beef, thick bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and our special burguer sauce.
our famous ribs vacuum cooked for 12 hours, in between breads with tamarind BBQ sauce, chipotles, avocado, aioli and cheddar cheese sided with fries and coleslaw.
one of the great classics, two layers of absolute happiness. Smoked pork loin, cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, tomato and lettuce in brioche bread, with aioli and fries.
pesto kale, roasted tomatoes and eggplant, bufala mozarella, sourdough bread, french fries and sweet chilli sauce. Vegan option: With humus.
fried coconut rice sauteed whith corn, tempura cauliflower and avocado, jamaican flower syrup, greens and carrot.
mezclum lettuce, fried costeño cheese, radishes, caramelized sun flower seeds, poached egg and mandarin vinaigrette.
with grilled vegetables and colombian fries potatoes.
glazed in our jamaica flower honey, guacamole, green pepper aioli and green hash, sided with fried colombian potatoes with tajin.


Creole potatoes


French fries


Buttered corn


Green salad


White rice


Sautéed asparagus


Benedictine sauce


Chorizo mixologist






Nachos with guacamole



with blueberry syrup, strawberries and ice cream.
Colombian organic chocolate and coffee foam.

Ice cream cup


Ice cream cup with sauce





Cocktail prepared with a whiskey sour milkwash and red beer reduction
Cocktail inspired by Elvis Presley's combination of unique and favorite flavors, it contains Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Repeat liqueur of murrapos and brandy, peanut orgeat, citrus mix and coffee bitters.
Refreshing with décor inspired by our mountains and jungles, it contains rosemary and blueberry reduction, jungle gin, Cointreau and prosseco
Perfect blend of tradition and freshness accompanied by an infusion of tequila and hibiscus flower, roasted lemon liqueur, Kola Román syrup, cinnamon and orange peel, star fruit extract, lemon and Mexican salt tears.
Classic and refreshing with house tonic, gin infusion, botanicals and lemon and citrus.



Cocktail with a sweet and balanced character, made from Sailor Jerry Rum, Havanna Club Rum, Repeat liqueur of murrapos and brandy, syrup of roasted masmellows, roasted pineapple extract, lemon and tiki bitters.
Smoked cocktail, contains Johnnie Walker Black Whiskey, mandarin lemon liqueur, herb and brandy Repeat liqueur, ginger syrup, lemon and orange bitters.
Alabama Song
This cocktail is inspired by Jim Morrison, based on Jack Daniels Whiskey, falernum rye, lemon, artisanal orange marmalade and coffee bitters
Somebody to Love
Refreshing cocktail based on the movie Disgust and Panic in Las Vegas, made with Beefeater Gin, Repeat gooseberry liqueur, Repeat orange liqueur, herbal liqueur and artisanal brandy, Kola Roman reduction, lemon and angostura bitters
Cocktail with a unique experience of two flavors, it contains Tequila Patrón Silver, balsamic reduction and roasted paprika, grapefruit, passion fruit foam and black pepper.
Digestive cocktail with creamy flavor, made from a cold extraction of coffee, liqueur 43. Orange and ginger oil, coffee bitters.
Cocktail that combines the sweet with the bitterness of coffee, based on chocolate liqueur, Baileys, cold brew, caramel, roasted masmellow syrup and coffee bitters.
Double espresso, Irish Whiskey, brown sugar syrup, cinnamon, long pepper, cloves, whipped cream and nutmeg.
Cocktail with citrus notes made from Prosseco, orange oil and ginger, Cointreau, fresh orange juice
Aperol, Cinzanno Prosseco, soda
House aperitif cocktail based on Aperol, Prosecco, orange and ginger oil and orange juice
cocktail with Vodka, house spicy mix, roasted tomato juice, macerated basil and lemon.



Finlandia vodka, soho liqueur, rose and cardamom syrup, rose wine, strawberries, lychee blueberries, grapefruit, dragon fruit and flowers.
Finland vodka, Tahiti lemon liqueur, lemon, red fruit reduction, red wine, red apple, strawberries and flowers.
Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, rosemary and black pepper syrup, white wine, green grape, orange, rosemary and flowers.

The Deer


Maceration of Jager in mint, mandarin lemon and panela. Accompanied by angostura caramel and lemon.



Fresh beer on tap, the best way to live the beer experience.
BBC Cajicá - Blonde beer with added honey

Stella Artois






Craft beers brewed in small quantities with select ingredients from the best crops in the world. BBC Cajicá / Chapinero

Club Colombia Dorada


Eagle Beer


Light Eagle Beer




Acqua Panna


San Pellegrino Water


Spring Water


Sparkling Spring Water




original- zero

Juniper Tonic


Classic, elderflower, Ginger Beer.

Red Bull


Red Bull Sugar Free


Cold Brew


House Frappe


Natural Orange Juice



Pineapple, cucumber, ginger and basil.


Red apple, lemongrass, rosemary and lemon.


Tamarind, roasted lemon and tagine.



Tea in Hot or Cold Water


green or red

Tea in hot milk


Chai Tea or Matcha Tea

Hendricks - Bottle


American Coffee








Café Latte




Seasonal chocolate


Natural house aromatic


Orange and ginger or mint and lemon

Açai, Orange, strawberry, honey.


Orange, green apple, mint and honey.


Strawberry, banana, pear and milk.


Chai tea, mango, strawberry and milk


Avocado, banana, purple spinach, honey and milk.


Pineapple, gold, honey, banana, ginger.



Aguardiente - Double Shot


Aguardiente - 1/2 Bottle


Aguardiente - Bottle


Fernet - Double Shot


Jägermeister - Double Shot


Jägermeister - Bottle



Absolut - Double Shot


Absolut - 1/2 Bottle


Absolut - Bottle


Ketel One - Double Shot


Ketel One - Bottle


Grey Goose - Double Shot


Grey Goose - Bottle



Tanqueray London Dry - Double Shot


Tanqueray Rangpur - Double Drink


Beefeater - Double Shot


Beefeater - Bottle


Bombay Sapphire - Double Shot


Bombay Sapphire - Media


Bombay Sapphire - bottle


Bulldog - Double Shot


Hendricks - Double Shot




Monkey 47 - Double Shot


Monkey 47 - Bottle




Gin mare- Double Drink



Havana Club 7 años - Double Shot


Havana Club 7 años - Bottle


Hechicera - Double Shot


Hechicera- Bottle


Parce 8 años - Double Shot


Parce 8 años - Bottle


Medellín 3 años - Double Shot


Medellin 3 años - Half a bottle


Medellín 3 años - Bottle


Saylor Jerry - Double Shot


Saylor Jerry - Bottle


Ron caldas 8 años-Double Drink


Ron Caldas 8 años - Bottle


Ron viejo de caldas- Double Drink


Ron viejo de caldas-Half a bottle


Ron viejo de caldas- bottle


Zacapa 23 - Double Shot


Zacapa 23 - Bottle


zacapa ambar-Double Drink


Zacapa ambar- bottle


Tequila y Mezcal

Don Julio Blanco - Double Shot


Don Julio Blanco - Bottle


Don Julio Reposado - Double Shot


Don Julio Reposado - Bottle


Don Julio Añejo - Double Shot


Don julio añejo-bottle


Don julio 70 - double shots


Don Julio 70 - Bottle


Aperitivos y pousse

Licor 43 x 30ml


Soho - double shots


Frangelico x 30ml


Baileys- double shot


Aperol- double shot


Amaretto x 30ml


Vermouth Rojo Reserva - Double Shot


Campari - Double Shot


Whisky Blended

Buchanan´s 12 años - Double Shot


Buchanan´s 12 años - 1/2 Bottle


Buchanan´s 12 años - Bottle


Old Parr 12 años - Double Shot


Old parr 12 años - 1/2 bottle


Old Parr 12 años - Bottle


Johnnie Walker Black - Double Shot


Johnnie Walker Black- 1/2 bottle


Johnnie Walker Black - Bottle


Jameson - Double Shot


Jameson - Bottle


Chivas Extra 13 - Double Shot


Chivas Extra 13 - Bottle


Chivas 12 años - double shot


Chivas 12 años - bottle


Whisky Single Malt

Glenfiddich 12 años - Double Shot


Glenfiddich 15 años - Double Shot


Monkey Shoulder - Double Shot


Whisky Americano

Bulleit Bourbon - Double Shot


Jack Daniels No. 7 - Double Shot


Jack daniels n° 7- bottle


Bulleit Rye - Double Shot


Vino Blanco

Santa Carolina Chardonnay - Glass


Ramon Bilbao Verdejo - Glass


Ramon Bilbao Verdejo - Bottle


Vino Tinto

Santa Carolina Carmenere - Glass


La Celia Malbec - Glass


La Celia Malbec - Bottle


Ramon Bilbao Crianza - Glass


Ramon Bilbao Crianza - Bottle


Vino Rose

Ramon Bilbao Rioja - Glass


Ramon Bilbao Rioja - Bottle


Vino Prosecco

mionetto - glass


Mionetto - Bottle


Cinzano- glass


Cinzano - bottle